I’m using it the best. I went home again today

I bought a mini massage and have been using it for a month

At first, I bought it as a gift for my parents

Come back after work. I’m the first one to do this

I’m finding it and feeling good to buy it!

Taking care of your tired body or as a gift

For those of you who are thinking about buying it for me

Honest review I leave start!

I was searching for massage in the top posts

I came to know this brand because you were introducing it to me

The price is good, and most of all, the components are good

I think it’s pretty price-to-performance

Mini massage is light and strong
I usually don’t have a good posture and usually crouch down when I sleep, so my shoulders, back and back muscles are cramped up…

The article I referred to before I bought it!

I’ve been reading it and I think the product is really good

I found the store and paid as if I was possessed

It took two days to deliver When I bought this

The Parents’Day season was just around the corner

It was sold out not long after I ordered it

I’m sure there’s nothing like this as a present for my parents!

The storage bag, four heads, the main body, the charging line, and the manual

It’s composed like this, and it’s perfect

I felt that I was not redundant

The replacement head consisted of a ball, fork, cone, and flat

It’s not big, but it can be easily lost

There’s a place I can put it in my bag

It was really easy to put it in after using it

It can be used for the entire body or narrow area

I think it’s done in detail

I personally have a round ball and a hand

I go the most! My mom put her leg on a fork

When I’m in and working, my muscles are working smoothly

You said it’s the same, and you’re only writing that.

It’s not difficult to operate a mini massage

I don’t think I need a manual

I heard about where to use for each head

It’s written in detail, so make it light before using it

It’s good to read! I don’t have to read it

I took it out right away and wrote it, but my mom read it one by one

There’s a hole in the front where you can put your head in

On/OFF on the back and adjusting the intensity

There is a button that is easy to do

No need to manipulate the red button

As one, I can control my strength to level six

It seems like a product that anyone can use comfortably

Clean body in black, and

Even a grip that can be easily folded in one hand..

There’s a reason why my hands keep bothering me all month!

I don’t know if other mini massage products are like this

I don’t know, but solum is especially in my hands

It didn’t matter if I used it for a long time

Most people who want to buy massage or massage

You can use a full-body chair

They’re expensive. They’re detailed about what they want

I’m sure he’s trying to buy it because it’s hard to take care of him

In that sense, it was just the right item

We put effective heads in each part

It’s over if you operate it on the place where the muscles are tied up!

It varies from one to six

It was so comfortable to control it

2,000 mAh of lithium-ion batteries

It’s built in, so you don’t have to charge it multiple times

I was able to use it for a long time

I usually do three at the most

I’ve been using it for a long time

I think I can use it

Once pressed lightly, mini massage works

If you press it again, the intensity changes. A total of seven times

Press it or touch it for 3 seconds to end

I don’t think there’s any easier way to manipulate it

Even the generation of parents who are not familiar with machines

If you get a gift, you can use it comfortably

Actually, my mom and dad are using it well!

I took it with me when I went to my boyfriend’s house

He wasn’t interested in these kinds of massage products

Once I tried it, my eyes turned

I held on to this all the time, saying I liked it

Both I and my lover are working at the office

I think I feel relieved every weekend

My shoulders are really stiff and hurt

It’s really cool and nice if you use it

It’s not just the shoulders and thighs that we commonly think of

It can be used in various ways such as soles of feet, hands, and abdomen

If you bought a massage chair, it’s money, but it’s what you want

I wouldn’t have been able to take good care of all the parts

It’s the same. It’s small and light, but it’s useful

I think it’s good to choose this one because it’s very high.

Even on the day I returned home with half a day off

I didn’t forget to massage her

Various products on the market

I’ve looked through it and picked it up, but honestly, this is as much as it is

There are few neat and nice designs..

The other thing is that I look like a jerk

In a few places, the appearance is very important

This was perfect for me

The reason why the photo is a little shaky is because I’m ONing it

It’s because I took it during the massage

She’s small but powerful

It has a maximum torque of 3200rpm

Power DC motors are different

To be honest with you, step one at first

I felt sick, but I used it

Maybe it’s because 스웨디시 I’m used to it. I have a lot of muscles

I don’t know if it’s okay

Thanks to mini-massage or gethan, every day my family

I’m feeling better Especially me and my mom

I’m using it the best. I went home again today

Now that I’m thinking about getting a massage, I can’t believe it.

I think it’s good for a gift

I don’t think I need to go to the shop

He’s been holding it in his hand for a whole month

I recommend this as a person!

Do you think the Soloom brand’s products are really good?

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