The lights are coming from the Han River Bridge.

A few days ago, I visited Hannam-dong massage shop with my friends and enjoyed the spa.
I will introduce you because I admire the luxurious interior and excellent management skills.

The place we visited was located in the middle of Hannam-dong UN Village, so it was easy to find.
The exterior used a large European six-story building as a private house.

I took my car and it felt good because there was a lot of parking space.

It was as big as a parking space. One building itself was River Hill Spa
It’s like a representative of Hannam-dong massage.

I felt like I was in a hotel when I went inside. Sofa, table first
I could feel luxurious dignity from interior props to music.

The sofa inside explains in detail if there is a customer in bad condition
It will be used as a place. I should ask for an explanation when my body and mind are exhausted.

The overall atmosphere of the lobby was also good. It’s like a European palace
The atmosphere was so good that it was not comparable to the hotel spa.

Everywhere I go, I look at the toilet and I measure the level of the toilet
It was really luxurious. Hand wash and hand cream smell better than any other high-end brand
It was great.

There is a terrace in the lobby and I can see the Han River. When I saw Dongho Bridge, I saw the old drama
It reminded me of a scene. I thought the night view would be nice too.

What was unique was that there was an outdoor courtyard in the center of the lobby of this building. In the middle of it
There’s a huge palm tree. If you stand next to this tree, you’ll find yourself in a foreign resort
I felt like I was on vacation.

I was looking around and the blinds went up automatically in the lobby. At Shilla Hotel
I tried it with the room control pad, but the automatic blinds are moving all over the lobby
It was amazing and cool.

If I choose Hannam-dong massage program, the staff will see my condition and smell the aroma
They say it’s a luxury aroma brand. They say it’s a famous hotel in Korea
He said he would use it.

This is my first visit Looking at it, I entered customer information while talking. Practical
I checked for allergies or problems for the massage.

I’m so tired these days that I chose to take a rest and edema. The scent with numbers
I smelled it and picked out the scent that I liked.

I moved to the room after the explanation. I use the whole building Bonnie to the room
I used the elevator to move. The scale of the representative massager
I could feel it.

You also cared about the interior of the room hallway. There’s a lot of stuff in between
I felt like I was in an American mansion.

As I was passing by, the room was empty, so I asked if I could take a picture and set the mood.

There is also a double room, so I went in and my family and couples often use it.
The atmosphere is good and it’s better than most hotel spas.

Hannam-dong massage is a plant for interior design, but it was really fresh and pretty because you took good care of it.
I felt better even before the spa because I was next to a fresh plant.

The neatly arranged gown felt like greeting me.
I wondered if lockers for individuals could be this good.
It looked better than my house.

As soon as I lay in bed for care, I felt so fluffy that I felt like I was going to faint.
The time of care has passed while I was feeling healing so comfortably.

This is a massage where you put a bunch of warm stones on a hard, cold muscle area
It is said that it relaxes the body naturally.

It is said that the foot uses topaz stone which has a different feeling.
It felt different from the stone I used before.

Whenever I’m tired, my heels hurt so much that the Hannam-dong massage takes great care of my feet
I felt like I was writing a lot.

I rubbed my chin and temple area with warm rose stone and it was so cool.
I want to remember all the care I get, but I wake up in the middle and growl
I couldn’t beat falling asleep.

After the care, they gave me a full floor tour.
There was a singing ball played by Jung Yumi in TV.
If the members of the membership suddenly don’t feel well, the teacher will play singing ball
Vibration therapy will be provided as a service.

This is called floating, and it is 200,000 won per 60 minutes. The colorful lights are so beautiful
I wanted to get it. When I go into the water, I feel like my body is in space, and I feel weightless
They say I fall asleep while I’m floating, so I should try it next time.

There was a place called relax lounge that you can use for membership, and this is the place for birthday party
It was the same. As a matter of fact, the members said they would ask for a rental. Champagne while watching the view of the Han River
If I have a drink, I won’t have to travel abroad.

All the products in the shower room were of good quality.
I remember the product because it had a good scent and good sense of use.

I looked at the sink after taking a shower and the hair dryer is also Dyson!
I heard that Dyson Drivebit is good these days and I’ve experienced it here.

Lastly, the staff recommended it, so I went to the rooftop to see the night view.
I would have regretted it if I hadn’t gone.
The lights will come on from 스웨디시 the Han River Bridge around 7 p.m.

I went to the lobby after the tour, and you told me the right program, so I made a reservation right away.
It’s an open event and 20 percent will be offered to people who visit for the first time on weekdays.

I got a Hannam-dong massage like traveling like this.
People who need real rest due to stress, especially pregnant women who need cleanliness and safety,
There are a lot of postpartum care workers who gave birth, so people who are worried about the spa
If so, it would be a good idea to visit there.

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