They say they’ve loosened up all their muscles.

A situation where my whole body hurts after running a half marathon not too long ago.

My best record was 15k.

We were able to run 21.1km because you were all driving together.

But after running like that, the muscles in my arms and legs, including my calves, hurt a lot the next day, right?

What’s the point of this?

Of course, it’s a massage I visit.

This time, I went to the Cheongna Massage Huain Thai Therapy store, which is famous for being the largest in Cheongna, with my younger brother after work.

It’s a Thai therapy store where carpets and interior accessories that have a Thai feel from the entrance stand out.

It’s located on the third floor of Cheongna Lime Tower, and it’s easy to find because it’s called the Kuukou Building.~~

After work, I got off at Luwon City Station and was about to take a bus, but I got stuck in the Kakao Tea Bike that I found, so I rode my bike.

If the time was tight, the bus would have moved. The fact that we arrived at the station an hour before the reservation time and even 30 minutes earlier than the reservation time.

On days like this, bicycles.~~

Although it doesn’t feel like exercising because it’s an electric bicycle! I feel like I’m moving more than a bus)

Time Zone Massage Menu

Menu discounted for morning/daytime visits

As soon as I arrived, I checked the menu first.

In Huain Thai Therapy, menus for daytime and regular hours were divided.

As expected, during the day, the weekly discount was applied, so I could get a Thai massage at an incredibly low price.

I think you can buy gift certificates and stop by often at this price.

Blue Massage Huain Thai Therapy’s signature menu is basic Thai Massage for 60 minutes.

During the day, the weekly discount was 29,900 won per hour, and if you buy a gift certificate, you can get an hour’s tie massage, which is 27,000 won per hour.

However, gift certificates cannot be purchased on a single basis, but they were the standard when several were purchased at once.

But it’s a very good price for people like me who like massage and go to get it often, so I wrote it down together.

It is said that there is always a Korean special administrator who has a qualification in the Cheongna Huain Thai therapy.

So there was a certificate at the entrance.

Special management personnel can be managed because they have a certificate for pain management and posture correction, so please refer to this!!

There was a celebrity’s signature near the shoe rack at the entrance.

Is it because I heard that many celebrities live in Cheongna-do?

Someone is livingI hear that a lot, but I just watch one person I’ve never seen before.

I heard there’s a business card event going on every month, so I put my business card in.~~

Blue Massage, Pleasant Time Huain Thai Therapy
You can refer to the video for the overall image of Tai Therapy, which is Cheongna Huain.

The changing room is separate from men and women, and it’s a healthy company, so it’s okay to visit it with friends and lovers.

It says it’s open until 4 a.m., and it’s open until 10 p.

Of course, I went there very early in the evening because I am a sleepy person after 10 p.m.

Once there, setting the course and pay, and will change, can’t wait, I saw him move on to the locker room.

Some people want to take a shower when they receive aroma massage, so the massage shop has a shower room.

Accessories such as hair dryers, toothbrushes, hair roots, and basic cosmetics are graded so that you can wash up and get dressed up right away even if you come without preparation.

I looked around the Huain Thai Therapy store at Cheongna Massage because there are about 20 minutes left from the reservation time even after I change my clothes.

There was a sauna next to the changing room.

Actually, I really like jjimjilbang, but it’s been over a year since I couldn’t go there.

I just want to go with a bath… (That’s why I realized I have a shower again.)

The moment I saw the sauna, I really wanted to do it.

And on one side, there was a small cafeteria which is not operating normally now, but is a convenience facility for customers.

First of all, I waited for the turn while talking with my brother.

The massage started with a foot bath.

As the water touched my tired feet, I felt relieved of fatigue and tension first.

It feels really good to get a foot massage before the massage.

Actually, it’s more of a foot bath than a massage.Anyway, it’s good.

When I saw the massage room in front of the Thai therapy store in Cheongna Juan, this was the case, but when I went inside after being guided, more private rooms appeared.

That’s why I thought it was the biggest massage shop in Cheongna.

These days, I asked disinfection, because he’s a sensitive time as the corona ssneunet, and told me he just sterilize every day.

And I’m relieved to hear that you disinfect every time a customer comes in and out of the room every day after day.

The massage staff at the Huain Thai Therapy store at Cheongna Massage were Thai. They were so small and powerful that it felt cool while getting the massage.

My younger brother, who went with me, said that his throat was not working well due to overwork and stress, but he felt like he was melting his muscles in detail.

You can adjust the pressure, and you can exclude any inconvenience, so you can tell me before you massage.

I told them to massage my arm and leg muscles in advance, so I’ve been warming up all the muscles that I’ve been working out.

It was my first visit to the Qingna Huain Thai Therapy, but I heard a lot about it because there are many friends living in Cheongna.

As expected, the massage that a professional Thai massage specializes in is good.

In my case, 스웨디시 I tend to say the direction of the massage I want, and I don’t know if the satisfaction level is higher because I start by saying how much I want it to be.

I’m seriously considering buying a prepaid ticket.

Massage is a must for diet!

I was also satisfied with visiting the Huain Thai Therapy Store at Cheongna Massage!

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