Professor Yang Jong-hoon, a scared law school student, steps up to stop it.

Is the law just?
The moment the puzzle is put together,
Rational doubts are raised and substantive truths are revealed.
Judgment of the law begins by scale and sword.
Is the law just?

In the Yeonju-dong drug murder case,
Students of Hankook University Law School who are conducting a mock trial class.

Professor Seo Byung-joo complained of dizziness.
We’ll have a short recess.

Even after the break, the professor didn’t come.
I’m going to Yeseul’s lab.
Seo Byung-joo has already become a cold corpse.

A man coming into the crime scene.
Former prosecutor and professor of criminal law at Hankook University Law School.

No less than a detective.
I’m looking for evidence around me.
Yang Jong-hoon trying to find the mysterious death of Professor Seo Byung-joo

The other detective found the suicide note.
Who’s going to die today?
You said you wouldn’t have ordered a Webhard ranking on Quick Service.
It’s a sharp deduction.

To get an apology from the law.

Time flies to seven months ago.
To the Socratic Question and Answer class.
When everyone shuns his question.

The first-year law school student who answered with confidence.

Change the target.
This time to Kang Sol A.
Professor Yang Jong-hoon who asks questions
Let’s hit hard.
Kang Sol-A, who’s struggling with nausea.

To Kang Sol A who ran outside.
You said you wanted an apology.
Didn’t you tell me you wanted to learn?

You’re the one who came to law school for an interview.
It leads to the recollection of Kang Sol A and Professor Yang Jong Hoon.
When asked why he came to law school,
Kang Sol-A, who wants to be apologized by the law for doing something he’s sorry for.

to save a person who is humiliated
I’ve been accused of assault.
I tried to get a lawyer and claim self-defense.
The lawyer’s fee was 300.
I tried to fight alone, but if I lost, the fine was 200.
We agreed with tears in our eyes.
This is because the settlement of 1 million won was the smallest amount.

The lawyer was the answer if I didn’t want to feel wronged.
If I’m a poor lawyer, I’m gonna be a lawyer,
Law school special admission was the answer.

Remembering the passionate image of Kang Sol A.
Professor Yang Jong-hoon Motivating


On TV, he graduated from Hankuk University Law School.
Lawyer Seo Byung-joo will donate 5.6 billion won in development funds.
There’s news that the rapist Lee Man-ho will be released from prison.

During Professor Yang Jong-hoon’s class,
Seo Byung-joo came in.
His bribery trial is class material.
It’s an honor.

Yang Jong-hoon, the prosecutor in charge at the time, and Seo Byung-joo, the chief prosecutor.
Job relevance and rewards are not proven.
The Supreme Court found him not guilty of bribery.
Yang Jong-hoon took off his prosecutor’s uniform and became a law school professor.

Seo Byung-joo told Yang Jong-hoon that you’re a prosecutor’s vocation.
They want me to go back to the prosecution.
Even if Yang Jong-hoon hadn’t been played by Seo Byung-joo, the prosecutor.

Starting with the School Development Fund.
Including the murder of Professor Seo Byung-joo.
Hankook University Law School even has journalists.
faculty members who held an emergency meeting.
But the library won’t nod.
Professor Yang Jong-hoon suddenly appears and charges an electronic anklet?!

As Professor Yang Jong-hoon said,
There’s been a murder.
Law school students whose studies are more important today.
The professor I was teaching with died.
Kang Sol A is surprised to see if she can study casually.

Professor Yang Jong-hoon encountered Han Jun-hwi

I heard you said it wasn’t suicide.
He has a lot of things to sort out.
Who could it be?

Back in March 2020 again.
Law school students ahead of their first class.
Kim Eun-sook, who will be in charge of civil law class.
In a friendly atmosphere, for a momentarily.
Lee Man-ho appeared in the classroom.

The truth is, these two…
Lee Man-ho’s child sexual assault appeal trial.
Between a judge and a defendant.

Lee Man-ho said he was drunk and couldn’t remember at all.
He denied the crime at that time.
In the end, there was no appeal from the prosecution, so I couldn’t give more than a first sentence.
Lee Man-ho, who was reduced by Article 10(2) of the Criminal Code.
Kim Eun-sook, who felt ashamed as a judge,
To take off my judge’s uniform and become a professor.

Eleven years after that,
The two I met in the classroom.
I’m drunk and I don’t remember.
Shout out that you’ve been jailed for 11 years.

I was shocked by Lee Man-ho’s words and actions.
Professor Kim Eun-sook ended up with a lower blood pressure.

The only unsolved case.

To Lee Man-ho, who still feels unfair,
About the 2008 Jurae-dong hit-and-run accident.
Yang Jong-hoon asks if he still remembers anything.

The accident is
It was a hit-and-run accident involving a student who witnessed Lee Man-ho’s sexual assault.
If I remember the accident,
You’re drunk and you can’t remember.
You’re not even a prosecutor right now.
Lee Man-ho, asking why you’re so obsessed.

It’s my only unsolved case. The hit-and-run.

That night
Professor Yang Jong-hoon, through Detective Oh,
I’m asking about Lee Man-ho’s whereabouts.
Here’s the clue to the hit-and-run case.

The murder suspect is Professor Yang Jong-hoon?

In the middle of a conspiracy to murder Yeonju-dong drug.
Suddenly detectives come in.

As a result of footprints found at the scene of Professor Seo Byung-joo’s murder,
Let’s just say he could be on the list of suspects.
frightened law school students
Professor Yang Jong-hoon steps up and stops it.

Then all of a sudden
As a suspect in the murder of Professor Seo Byung-joo,
Detectives Arresting Professor Yang Jong-hoon

The autopsy 토렌트 found that Professor Seo Byung-joo’s cause of death was
Presumably a homicide caused by an overdose.

That’s how Professor Yang Jong-hoon ended up in custody.
Is the real suspect Professor Yang Jong-hoon?

The professor I trusted.
You become a murder suspect in an instant.
Looking at Professor Yang Jong-hoon with an incredible look on his face.

I don’t know what’s going to happen.
Who is the real culprit who killed Seo Byung-joo?
See you at the review for episode 2!

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