The story of his retirement, which was forced to stand on the stage, became the last.

My grandfather is gone.
He was running after an urgent call from Haenam.
Seung-joo was impatient, and he pulled himself down by Rok.
I’ll tell you a story about the last stage.
Deok-chul shows a special performance.

a sudden lapse of virtue
I barely came to my senses and came to see Chae-rok, who was looking for help from Haenam.

It was a very upsetting and close scene. Grandma Haenam, you’re doing a great job. She’s so cute.

Maybe Chaerok sensed something was wrong.
Deok-chul watches Deok-chul’s back and looks back at him.

Sungsan’s ears flash at the sound of Eunho’s employment.
Oh, it is unfamiliar to non-regular workers, but Eun-ho, who decided to try it, is puzzled by the unfamiliar atmosphere of the radio station.

Although painkillers continue to be needed for persistent pain, I am annoyed that doctor Oh Joong-sik did not use shi-torent.
Seung-joo, who sang “Rock” at home while being greedy for the competition, tells his story.
The story of his retirement, which was forced to stand on stage because he didn’t want to give up his seat with arrogance and greed.
He tries to persuade Chae-rok by showing his past that he met Chae-rok in a desperate situation where he can no longer dance.
Seung-joo, who has talent and knows how to dance, hopes that Rok will not make the same choice.

Teachers Seung-joo and teachers’ advice with sincerity.
And to the experience of virtue, he eventually decides to change his mind to the next time.

Deok-chul, who is known as a mastermind for dancing in the neighborhood.
Deok-chul seems to have lost his confidence after hearing that he was a fool directly from his acquaintance.
Looking at Chae-rok’s practice scenes, he compares himself to himself and makes people depressed whether his dream was to be a mastermind.

Suddenly, Seung-joo, who was watching the virtue of his qualification, led everyone to visit his acquaintance’s dance troupe?
Seung-joo retired from ballet in an accident but showed the dance of a dancer who danced in a wheelchair.
In a way, did Seung-joo, who can be said to have fallen from the top of his seat, feel Deok-chul’s heart too?
Why am I so 토렌트비 warm with Seung-joo’s advice as a quiet, hard ballet teacher?

And Deok-chul’s first dance to people.

Seeing Deok-chul’s wonderful appearance, Rok is in a good mood and finds a secret that Deok-chul hid in the notebook left behind Deok-chul, who returned home.
Why did you keep taking notes…

Deok-chul seems to have already started ballet after being diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease.
I think that’s why I was so impatient and tried to put one more thing in my eyes.
In the meantime, I was so sad that my grandfather’s track record was correct and his monologue was so sad.
I remember slowly disappearing, and when I was a kid, I stole ballet, and then I thought about the time that my children grew up.
The despair of letting such an old man find his mother and father…

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