I think I don’t have enough points to feel.

The movie I’m going to review today is Chaos Walking (2021). I wanted to see Tom Holland at the movie theater right away, but I waited for the VOD to come out as Corona minimized the visit to the movie theater. As soon as the VOD is released, I will start the Chaos Walking Review.

Chaos Walking

What is the plot of the movie?

Chaos Walking, 2021

New World, where everything you think is exposed in real time. The people who settled there were infected with noise. One day, Todd (Tom Holland) found a woman named Daisy Ridley on Earth who made a crash landing in New World. Todd finds a woman for the first time in his life and informs the mayor. However, the mayor wants to kill the viola rather than help it. Todd and Viola plan to escape the New World, questioning the hidden secrets of the Chaos world. David (Maz Mickelson), the ruler of New World, feels danger and follows them. The chase between those who want to stop and seek secrets hidden in New World begins.

Chaos Walking

My thoughts are exposed.

Chaos Walking, 2021

Todd, who was born in New World, is very uncomfortable with the noise of his thoughts, but he is familiar with the situation. However, this situation is all unfamiliar to the unexpected viola. The point of Chaos Walking, which describes the exposure of thoughts as viruses, was very interesting. For example, it would be terrible if my thoughts were exposed every time we met someone or where we worked, right? That’s why he described it as a virus. Among Naver webtoons, a character in God of High School goes crazy with the ability to read people’s minds. Perhaps the production, such as being able to read thoughts or showing them through exposure, is the opposite of the desire to read thoughts.

Chaos Walking

What I don’t know yet…

토렌트왈 Chaos Walking, 2021

Chaos Walking is the work of an American novelist named Patrick Ness. It is said to have won numerous literary awards including the Carnegie Medal and became a bestseller in 34 countries around the world. So I don’t know if the movie has not been released yet, such as the fact that the character in the middle, why the violin is trying to settle down in New World, or if the movie will end as it is, but since it consists of a trilogy, I think it’s natural that I can’t check everything in the movie. I think I don’t have enough points to be interested in just the movie without the original novel.

So today, we did a review of Chaos Walking (2021). Personally, I didn’t think the story was attractive, even though I was interested in this movie alone. But I think the interesting point is the concept of course. It makes me wonder why I can only think of men. It was a movie that left a bit uncomfortable because there were a lot of things I didn’t know. For those who didn’t read the novel, it was Chaos Walking, a movie that felt as difficult as Gwang-nam.

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