But it’s not good to massage too long.

I’m an office worker, and I blog when I get home.

I’ve been looking at the computer all day.

I always try to keep my posture straight, but it doesn’t get fixed easily.

Maybe that’s why I feel uncomfortable with my back and shoulders.

I feel more tired all day.

I think I need to refresh myself for work.

I visited Jeong Daon, a spa famous for stone massage in Gamsam-dong.

You can come up from Exit 2 of Jukjeon Station, cross the street, and walk toward the Daewoo World Mark West End shopping mall.

I’ve been to Daewoo Worldmark West End a lot, so I’ve been able to figure out where it is.

If you’re new to this place, I thought the road might be unfamiliar.

I’ll tell you in detail.

If you go to Woobang Dream City, you can see Starbucks, and next to Starbucks, there is an entrance to the second floor of the shopping mall.

You can go up this way or the stairs, so you can do as you please.

If you go to the side of Starbucks, there’s an elevator inside.

It’s on the second floor, but it’s more comfortable to go there.

I visited by public transportation.

As I went up and went straight inside, I saw the spa Jeong Da-on.

It’s very private inside the store.

I thought your name was Jeong Da-on, but it wasn’t.

They all have meanings.

It means “a comfortable rest in a warm place.”

It’s a name made with the desire to be a healing spot for everyone.

The interior is also not a strong direct light,

They decorated it with indirect lighting.

I asked you later, and I wanted to make room for relaxation.

I’m gonna put some lights on here.

Put the lights on there, too.

He said you put a lot of effort into interior design.

Maybe that’s why the atmosphere was so good!

I felt that I cared about the props inside one by one.

I heard a brief explanation about the management I’m getting today.

Unlike normal skin care and massage, like the name spa Jeong Daon,

The spa is focused.

Skin care is said to be managed by the products shown in the picture.

It doesn’t simply fill the surface of the skin.

They said it’s a product that can take care of your insides.

The director’s idea is that it’s not just a superficial management.

They believe that the foundation can eventually be strong only when the inside is managed.

It’s not easy to take care of your skin with home care.

That’s why I want to tell you to borrow professional strength from skin and body care.

I’ve decided to receive 40min of back circulation and stone management today.

The detailed price is divided into membership and non-membership.

Where you can massage your stones in Gamsam-dong.

I recommend you contact me before you visit.

And since it’s a one-person care shop, reservations are really necessary.

I barely made a reservation during the free time.

I guess there were a lot of office workers like me who were exhausted after work.

I went into the care room, and I was surprised because the closet was so big.

It’s spring weather these days, so I’m wearing a little thinner.

Even if you wear a long padded jacket in winter, you can still keep it well.

Before I get a stone massage in Gamsam-dong, I need to remove all accessories such as rings and necklaces.

You can put it in the basket in the closet.

I used to leave it on the table after taking care of my skin, but I didn’t bring my earrings.

I was satisfied with these small considerations.

He used a 12cm mattress cushion.

I’m sure I’m lying down, so I feel comfortable.

I feel like I’m lying in a hotel bed.

Thanks to you, I almost fell asleep because I felt tired.

I heard that the spa Jeong Daon will replace the seat once used.

I thought the director was paying attention to a lot of things for the customers’ comfortable rest.

Actually, I’m lying down when I’m getting a thank-you stone massage.

If you take care of your back, you’ll have to take off your top, so you can’t take a picture.

It’s been 1000% satisfaction since I did it.

I’m trying to convince my mom to go back home.

At first, it was told to breathe in, and then the aroma of aroma oil was felt.

Feels like it’s refreshing.

It felt like the atmosphere suddenly changed.

And the oil-based massage is kind of bland?I thought I’d do it.

I only got Thai massage that always gives me a lot of pressure.

But after I was taken care of at the spa, the clump came loose.

I naturally feel relaxed.

And then massage it with a warm stone.

Make your body a little softer with an oil-based massage.

I felt like I was taking care of my insides with a stone.

Cool but no pain?

The massage I really wanted was just like this.

The director is small, but it was amazing where he got this kind of power.

Actually, the massage we had before was so good.

It’s already been this long since you changed to Stone.I thought it was a shame.

Stone is really nice, too.

I’ve never felt so bad since I got a stone massage in Gamsam-dong.

After you’re done with the maintenance, he’s been quiet about it.

After getting a massage, one part of the massage might hurt a little the next day.

It can hurt because it’s already a massage for the sore spot.

You said you’d be free by the next afternoon.

The next day, I felt relieved.

And it was a back massage, and it was circulating throughout the body.

I feel like I’ve become more alert when I work the next day.

And at the spa Jeong Daon, scalp massage is also included.

There was also a scalp massage that went in between the first care and the middle care.

The last scalp massage you gave me felt like I was opening the passage of my circulation.

a thank-you stone massage
It was really cool, and she massages my throat with a sphincter.

It’s a straight neck, so my neck area is very tight.

That’s why the sphincter massage was the best.

I actually liked all the care.

There was no 분당마사지 meaningless movement or behavior in the management.

It was good that you were using your time entirely for me.

I was a little sad to finish the massage.ㅠㅠDark and dark

Want to get more ㅠㅠ

But it’s not good to massage too long, so I’ll have to finish here today.

They say they’re going to set the time later after the maintenance is done.

I’m drinking tea after the maintenance, and when the next time people come in,

You don’t have to feel that awkward and awkward at regular temperatures.

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