I’ve already spent over 20 years in this system.

Seoul Mouth Gym is a place to stay.
It is the oldest Muay Thai kickboxing gym in Seoul.
I started Muay Thai kickboxing.I’ve already spent over 20 years in this system.
That’s how confident I am in this sport.
Now that I have a much longer period as an officer than I have as a player,
Now I understand what it’s like to guide someone into martial arts.
And coaching someone is the only thing that’s going to happen.
Actually, I realized that I was learning more.
Is that why?
He’s not as powerful as he was when he was a young player.
I think my kickboxing and Muay Thai skills are much better now than then.
Of course, I still train Muay Thai kickboxing.
It’s in normal business, but the uploads have decreased due to the Corona period.
There are days when you laugh even during hard times, but everyone is training hard for their health and goals!
Two minutes of technical training.
Two minutes is a very strange time. One minute is too short to practice, and two minutes are distracting.
So I turn off the timer about a minute and a half. Most of the people who don’t watch the timer until the end of 2 minutes are beginners.
Recently, the techniques of colored belt friends have become more mature and become good practice partners for each other.
I hope we can be considerate of each other without too much desire to win.
than anyone else
Proud of Muay Thai kickboxing.
I was the leader of this movement.
It’s already been a year since I introduced jiu jitsu at the Mouth Gymnasium.
And the promotion that was postponed because of Corona.
I did it a year after the introduction of jujitsu.
I’m also in a position to train jiujitsu.
At the first promotion ceremony for Jiu-Jitsu, the first generation 주짓수 black belt of Jiu-Jitsu, the head of the UFO, came.
Thank you for your promotion.
Corona prevented many people from attending.
And the children’s promotion ceremony was held separately.
Muay Thai Kickboxing Specialized Gym Mouse Gym
It was a meaningful time to promote Jiu-Jitsu.
Starting with the promotion of middle and high school students and adults,
Elementary school students also had a promotion in a year.
In fact, the number of jujitsu may be a little difficult for elementary school students.
But teaching those kids as fun and as understandable as they can be,
It wasn’t much different from coaching Muay Thai or kickboxing.
It is true that Jiu-Jitsu’s experience is lacking compared to kickboxing or Muay Thai’s experience.
But I’m still practicing jujitsu every day.
We study more to guide children.
I’m having so much fun with my children.
The jujitsu of the Mouth Gymnasium is so that you can train more happily.
Jujitsu following Muay Thai kickboxing
Now it’s the mouse gym.

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