Let’s build faith in my soul, the master of the body.

I sat down with Thomas and Sigron to share my updates.
By speaking in Korean, English, and German like this, I would like to know what I am in right now.
I don’t know what kind of change I’ve made.
I learned how to feel by myself.
He wrote a poem about this.

One of the verses is…
“If last year was a time of convergence, this year is a time of divergence.
Last year, if the flowers were shrinking, this year is the blooming season.
This year is the time to fly.
I’ll be the horse on the 토렌트 grassland and run as fast as I can.”
Let’s talk about torrents.
Become John Markowitch.

This torrent is so….
The latter part was a bit of a twist.
I thought it was made in about 2000.
First of all, it was amazing that the main subject of this torrent was a puppet show.
I thought the puppet show was boring.
It was so interesting and beautiful in Torrent.

Meanwhile, I wondered if there was a building with such a low ceiling in New York.
To save money?
It’s really American.

Craig, who was confused between me and the existence of others, as if the 7th and 1/2th floors were metaphorical, not the 7th and 8th floors.
Become John Malkovich
Directed by Spike Jones and written by Charlie Kauffman in 1999, the black comedy and fantasy takes place when a man controlling a doll accidentally finds a passage into actor John Malkovich’s head. He asks questions about human desires and identity through a man who wants to live as a different person because of his unfulfilled dreams and desires. Craig, a puppeteer who has no place to call in a recession, is beaten by a passerby while playing a puppet show on the street, leaving his wife Lotte to live. Craig, desperate to find a new job, saw a newspaper ad saying he was looking for a fast-paced filing clerk, and Les…
Double track
Craig’s puppet show on the street is a tragic love story between medieval monk Abelar and nun Eloise, who later fell in love with Maxine.

His puppet shows are always gloomy. The audience feels Craig’s frustration, fantasy, unconscious compulsion and deficiency through various puppet shows in Torrent.

In this torrent, “other people’s bodies” are a refuge and a kind of virtual reality. Torrent’s ending shows the worst situation you can meet when you choose to deny reality. Craig, who dreamed of a different life due to his excessive desire for love, gives up his existence altogether. And you pay for that choice. It is an “eternal confinement” in which one has to live looking at the world from another’s body to another’s perspective. Torrent asks again about the value and meaning of being “I” through Malkovich, who has taken over the body, and Craig, who has given up the body on his own.
Becoming John Malkovich (World Torrent Dictionary: Fantasy Torrent, Kim Hye-sun, Kim Hye-ri)

If a famous person’s body can be 15 minutes long.
Don’t you think about this?
If that happens,
I think I will choose IU.
I thought maybe quite a few Koreans would choose IU.

When Maković used Maković, he was at the top of the list again.
The writer’s imagination was interesting.

The most impressive scene is,
It was when John Markovich was unconscious.
That famous person used to be
I was bullied by children.
I was scolded by my parents, and I saw that I couldn’t see it.
I could see that you had a hard childhood.
How many traumas did he overcome before he became a successful actor?
It was the moment when I could see the shadow behind the colorful appearance.

IU also overcame her difficult teenage years.
Thinking that it is this much better now makes me nod.

I’m curious at this point.
He succeeded in a puppet show wearing John Markovich’s body.
Or would he have been recognized someday if he had continued to do so with his own body?

It’s a question.
When Craig said he was doing a puppet show, his mistress completely ignored him.
When you become John Markovich, you treat him completely.

After all, what we can do is,
I just do my best when my soul is in my body.

Yeah, when I was 20, no, when I lived in Israel.
I thought of that at that time.
Oh, the soul that lives in my body is not me right now.
If it were another girl,
You must have been thin.
You’d be good at putting on makeup.
She’s so attractive that she always had a boyfriend.
I’m sure the company did a great job.
It was really, really painful to think like that.
When I imagine someone in the perfect soul doing and enjoying the best things in my life with my body,
I was distressed and sorry for my lack of opportunity.
To the company, to God, to myself.

It was in January 2015, when that thought began to change.
This is because he joined Technod and started working as the first foreign employee, the only Korean among the Chinese.
After that, I didn’t hate myself anymore.
My soul and body are united.
I started to like myself.
I felt that I could lead my body best.
What I felt most completely was, of course, during my bike trip.

Anyway, the bottom line is, let’s love myself healthy.
Let’s build faith in my soul, the master of my body.
The answer I thought was desperation.
The real answer was a good habit.

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