From design process to material selection and production process, they discussed and discussed countless times.

Hello, I’m Sign.
Here’s the news of the sign! Today, I would like to introduce the work requested by D-1 Design. It was an honor for us to cooperate in a big car event. Let’s see how it felt.
Designed by D-1
This is a design draft for various event products that give a sense of unity with Sky Blue main color. The event features fresh ideas and designs under the theme of “Charging Pocha,” and our parts in charge of production included walls, profits, box making and installation. Although it seems to be simple and easy to see, we discussed and discussed countless times from design process to material selection and production process. Then I’ll look at each picture and explain it to you.

Event Revenue – Iron Galva Mat Paint
This is Anning going up to Kiosk for the event.Not just for general stores, but for the event, a little special customization was needed.Because it was a multi-position event, it had to be easy to install and remove, there had to be no problem opening and closing the kiosk door, and at the same time, the top of the kiosk had to be completely adhered to and kept from floating. I couldn’t help but consider this and that!
Attach acrylic scotch with event name on the painted lip. The screws are also meticulously painted in the same color.

Event Walls – Standalone, UV due diligence printing
Shall we go to the wall construction site? Corona has reduced the number of inquiries about the event, but it is an important wall construction that can be called a flower at the event! It was installed in the lobby of the car’s headquarters, and it seemed to be an event for the welfare of employees.

This is the scene where construction begins after arriving at the work site. We need to check the location, lay the prepared wooden board, and assemble them one by one. The structure of the wall varies slightly depending on whether it is placed right in front of the wall, and when you asked me to put it in the middle of the space, I worked to make both possible.
Increase UV print due diligence output with a clear high resolution with much better picture quality than regular banners. The most important thing is to hold the print neatly and flat to prevent it from crying, whether the printout and the structure are exactly the same. This wall also had a phrase attached to the side, so it had to be positioned more accurately.
More delicate positioning was needed 스카이어닝 because there could be an error of 1 to 2 centimeters while the work was carried out, and the words should be in the correct position in front and back. We needed to adjust the size in the middle of the construction, so we immediately worked on the wooden foundation and finished it without any problems with the exact location. Even if it’s light, the situation is so different depending on the design or site, so I think it’s important to fix it quickly without any problems.
The Scotch will be on the wall. It is carefully packed so that even a small scratch does not occur during the movement.
We met here again! Because it is an event production, it is also a production that is often installed and moved. These should all be reflected together in the design. A kiosk and neon sign were installed in front of the wall, and the wall was punched to hide the wires neatly.It is very important to organize it in a very important direction, both from the front and from the side.
It is a self-reliant wall installed in the middle of the space, and it is a very strong and hard wall unless there is a big impact. The wall is also for events, so it is only installed for a certain period of time, but it is designed to be used with good quality without any problems during the event. I do a lot of polishing in general stores, and I don’t post a lot, but I’ll introduce the link!

Today, I introduced the event revenue and lightening.I hope it helps the viewers a little bit, so I’ll end the posting now.Always have a good day. Thank you!

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