If you get a loan, it may be wise to use a savings bank.

Nowadays, it is convenient to use loans and it is easy to get loan approval quickly. Of course, there are many loan products in the 1 financial sector and many good products, but there are many good products in the 2 financial sector. So I’m going to have time to compare the interest rate and the limit of what the 2 financial loan products are. Nowadays, there are many products that can be used more conveniently if the 2 financial loan products are small or not significantly lower than the 1 financial sector.

And there are products that have to have a high credit rating, but there are many products that can be used quickly and conveniently even if it is not very high. There are also many products that can be borrowed on the Internet or mobile without visiting the branch.
Types and Limits of Second Financial Loans

What kind of bank are there in the second banking sector? In financial institutions, banks are divided into one central bank, one commercial bank, and two financial institutions. Some are called three financial institutions, but there are lenders called private banks. Of course, it may be inconvenient for lenders to be tied up with bond or unregistered lenders, but it is common for consumers to call it this.
Commercial banks are also called institutional banks, and there are high-quality banks that we often see around them, such as the people, Shinhan, and Woori Bank, which have low risk of insolvency. There are similar names in the 2 financial institutions, so they often cause confusion.
Types and Limits of Second Financial Loans

Is it bad to use this kind of bank? The evaluation may vary depending on how consumers use it.1 Like the financial sector products, savings bank deposit products are included in the depositor protection application, and mutual finance and cooperatives are not protected by the depositor insurance corporation, but are protected by each central government.
Especially, in relation to receiving products, interest rates are relatively higher than those handled by commercial banks. When using credit products, it is possible to have a higher limit due to the relaxed qualification conditions and debt ratio than the financial sector. It is also a financial business that can be used for sunshine, which is a representative financial 폰테크 product.

Types and Limits of Second Financial Loans

If it’s a disadvantage, it’s stability. Of course, these disadvantages may be offset to some extent if consumers subscribe to the received product considering the deposit protection limit, but if they use credit products such as loans, the credit rating is relatively large and even if they can be used on a relaxed basis, they are often used as disadvantageous conditions in interest rates and other areas.
In the case of KCB, the decline of 2 financial institutions is greater than that of 1 financial sector. Among them, it can be confirmed through the evaluation standard table that the savings bank is more likely to use. It is not bad, and it is important for consumers to know this fact. If you receive it, it may be wise to use a savings bank.
Types and Limits of Second Financial Loans

If you are 19 years of age or older and below grade 9, you can use it regardless of income. The loan rate is 3.52% ~ differentially applied. The loan limit is available from at least 500,000 won to up to 3 million won.

Types and Limits of Second Financial Loans

The application for this product is a product that can be applied after the personal credit evaluation through mobile certification if it is a Korean over 20 years old.The loan interest rate is 1838% ~ 23.4% per annum, which is the lowest annual interest rate. The loan limit is at least 1 million won ~ 5 million won.

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