It can be installed on windy beaches! It can be opened and closed, and it can be prepared for the wind!

Recently, it has been installed in various spaces, and the product is composed of 13 models, so it is optimized for the site.
Installation is possible. With Earnings can be produced and installed in any area with experience in setting up tents in various places, including decorating the garden of the hospital’s rooftop shade villa and setting up tents at the theme park experience center community center library.

The with-earning skylining is made using imported PVC-based outdoor specialized fabric, not glass on the top.
You can simply fold and unfold the curtain with the remote control. It’s an electric folding opening and closing earning.
Also, the remote control is a one-touch method that you can use easily.
The product is equipped with LED lights, and even dark spaces can be turned into bright and cool spaces with a single click of a remote control.
Lighting option.

Our with-earning products are manufactured through pre-drawing and can only be assembled on-site.
For the above site, it takes about 1 day to install the roof-earning.
Skyning applicable to small size 2 pyeong to 30 pyeong 60 pyeong and over 100 pyeong of space in rural houses.

Case of installation of shade screen in Skyning Parking Lot in Busan, Gyeongnam
The video above is a video that simply folds and unfolds the folding loop opening using a remote control.

Our sky-earning product is Tongwondan.
In the case of Tongwondan, it boasts tremendous weight and has the 스카이어닝 disadvantage of having a lot of effort during installation.
The advantage is that it’s perfect waterproof! If you use a pin board to pull the fabric back and forth with the strong power of the motor, it will leak, right?
The one I use when it rains.

Even if the wall is uneven and the shape of the wall is weird, it can be installed as long as there is a floor.
On the contrary, you can install it by applying another model of roof-earning even if there are no walls but no floors.
Skying that can be installed in wooden houses, concrete houses, and panel buildings!

Our With Anning can be installed anywhere in the country.
The above site is a museum managed by a government office.
The area has an ocean, so it’s salinity, and it’s more suitable for doing it.
Why? Our Withearning is made with high-end aluminum profiles and body-painted!
It’s aluminum, so rust causes the column shell to crack. No! No!
It’s not just an earning tent, it’s a sky-earning that can be installed with a large earning tent.

  1. Tell me the area, floor number, and site status!
    (EX: This is the third floor yard or rooftop of a cafe in OO-gu, Daejeon. It’s a wooden building, and the floor is concrete. )
  2. Tell me the width of the street and the protrusion width of the site you want to install.
    (EX: Approximately 4.3M width, protruding width (forward width): Approximately 3M)
  3. On-site photo OR If you have anything special, you can send us the photo materials on your phone!

    View various construction cases

    Rooftop annealing, if you need an awning system, always with an earning!
    Seoul, Daegu, Daejeon, Busan, Gyeongju, Ulsan Earnings Installation! If you need shade anywhere in the country, install it ok!
    It can be installed on windy beaches! It can be opened and closed, and it can be prepared for the wind!
    Rooftop garden decoration roof making good!

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