A day or two was fine, but soon I felt uncomfortable

Thanks to the gym that doesn’t open with Corona,

My shoulders are starting to clump up because of lack of exercise.

As time goes by, I’m getting more and more aware of my right shoulder and arm.

The discomfort has worsened, and at the recommendation of an acquaintance,

He worked as a 천안건마 therapyist in Gangnam.

Chunho-dong, Gangdong-gu, well-known for its massage.

I’ve got a job in Jamsil, the therapy house.

I’ve been there for a while.

It’s the entrance to the store. It’s warm.

I felt like I was bright.

Cheonho-dong Massage Shop Spa Massage Therapy

The therapy house stood out.

He was very careful with the quarantine rules.

Just regular check-ins and fever checks.

There’s a lot of formalities.

In this case, check-in and fever check as well,

I marked the area of the business and the number of people who can enter.

Internal disinfecting between guest and the next customer, too.

He always does it when he’s free.

I saw diffusers, oil, etc.

Where you’re good at Cheonho Massage.

In a popular therapy house,

I’m using a pure sebum product, an organic product.

Listen to me, it’s not toxic, it’s not toxic.

If you use a regular body product,

I’m going to use that product all day long and as an organ.

There’s a lot of skin trouble in contact.

I heard there were terra-fists.

Purefiji products are from the island of Fiji.

It’s a natural brand, coconut oil and plant extract.

It’s a product made by Therapists.

Even if you use it for a long time, your skin will be troubled.

It’s a top-notch product that never happened.

The size of the therapy house is…

It wasn’t that big.

But you did a great job of decorating it.

Some places are too old-fashioned.

Or maybe it’s too much.

This place is beautiful, sophisticated, and comfortable.

He liked it because it was an interior design.

Taking a foot bath with warm water.

I felt like my body’s already gone.

And a hot pack on your shoulders.

You put it on. It warms your feet and shoulders.

I felt like I was already lightening up.

The questionnaire shows that you’re not comfortable with your body,

I told you what I needed to focus on.

Next, test the oil to select from.

It’s your turn. It’s your turn.

I chose the fashion fruit oil.

It was the room where I got a spa massage.

For a therapy session at Cheonho Massage Shop.

The therapy house you visited,

We have two spa rooms.

Each one is available.

I feel like I’m in Bali.

Luxurious interior, luxurious.

I liked it because it was so pretty.

The room is so neat, and I want to go to an overseas hotel,

It’s nice because it’s like a spa in a resort.

From affordable places to luxury spa massage.

I’ve been to various places.

It’s a place where I’m really going to take my body to the spa

You’ve been able to analyze the pain and discomfort.

He eased it.

It’s also about the lack of posture and muscle.

Diagnostics and exercise to solve this problem.

He gave me very detailed instructions on stretching

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