I love that feeling even when I’m falling asleep

I really like traveling Southeast Asia.So I have traveled to Southeast Asia every year since 5 years ago. The main purpose of my trip to Southeast Asia is to 건마 get a Thai massage in Southeast Asia. My mom liked massage since I was young, so the massage I received since I was young gave me a lot of healing.But since last year, I couldn’t travel abroad because of Corona. I want to get a massage in Southeast Asia, but there are limited places where I can get it, but it doesn’t fit me well. But this time, my friends introduced me to the best massage shop in Korea.
Flat queen tie is a half-and-half spring cafe across from the flat top mart.

It’s in the alley.

It’s a neat new building.

Originally, it was called Romance, another massage shop.

He changed to Queen tie when he moved.

And for your information, romance was pretty good in Jinju.

I heard it’s a famous massage shop.

There are many regular customers, but they moved to a better place to make customers feel comfortable.

I take off my shoes in the shoe rack and change to slippers.

I don’t want to lose it because I have a shoe rack key.

I changed my shoes and came in.

A kind boss explains this and that.

She showed me to another room to massage me immediately.

For your information, I applied for an aroma massage today.

Wow, he’s already excited. I can’t wait to get it.

The room I’m going to take care of today! I have to take off all my underwear, so I’m giving you a disposable underwear.You have a good sense.

I’m wearing a gown because I have to take a foot bath and massage outside.

I’m going to the foot bath. It’s like a cafe. It’s like a foot bath in a foot bath. If you mark the part of the picture that needs to be focused on the anatomy of the body, that part is processed.
The boss gave me a cup of warm tea.

I’m drinking tea while raising my temperature.~

I was drinking tea and there were comic books and magazines.

It would be good to watch while taking a foot bath.

After a foot bath, the caretaker wipes his feet with a towel.

Go straight into the room and take off your gown and lie down.

First, you use a big towel to massage your entire body lightly. I think you’re checking which part is clumped before you start. At first, the pressure was weak.

After a simple full examination, he started with his upper body and is using his fingers to massage his arms.

I was wondering if I was going to use my elbow, but I could feel the expert’s hand when I massage with my fingers and palms until the end.It’s hard to find a person who massage with only his fingers and hands, but I thought he was the owner.

The most surprising thing is that I went to a massage shop.

I’ve been to many places, but I’ve never seen such a place.

Not many places used steamed oil.

There is a boss who can’t get aroma oil here in the Quintai store.

I use real steamed aroma oil. It’s Southeast Asian style.

With mint-colored therapy oil like tiger ointment.

Not too much, but with a moderately pleasant feeling.

He relaxes and makes you feel comfortable

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